Company Values

At Raider, values matter. We’ve proven our integrity time and again – and that gives our clients peace of mind. How do we know? Our repeat clients will tell you – clients like Westfield Malls, DDR, and Decron Properties. Raider does not want to simply bid a custom, commercial sign and install it – we want to build lasting relationships.

With a focus on exceptional client service, staying in the black and on schedule are not just pipe dreams, but the reality of working with Raider Signage. Our team is honest, steadfast, meticulous, and efficient. From the time we start working with you, attention to detail and bottom-line are as important as budget and your profitability. We know we’re setting you up for success. Creativity, hard work, and the right team are the keys to realizing a great vision.

We also pride ourselves on our responsiveness – we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether it’s questions or last minute approvals and changes, we return all calls and emails right away. As our client, you’re our top priority.

Company History

Under the guidance of our lead designer & project manager, we’ve been working to meet every aspect of client satisfaction since 1990. Some of our earliest work has been for big-box retailers, commercial centers, and large software companies. In each and every project, we established ourselves as having an excellent attention to detail and immediate responsiveness to all communications.

If one thing can be said to be missing from the signage industry it’s ‘personal attention to client needs’. We hear it every day from our clients, and it’s why more and more people are choosing to work with Raider Signage. Raider Signage has been successful because we work to make every client feel like our only client. If you call us, we answer or we call you back right away.

Safety First

On the job it’s always the first concern

As a professional signage company, Raider Signage completely protects our clients and crews from hazards at the job site, including considering traffic patterns. In addition, we fully comply with all OSHA safety regulations and maintain a stellar safety record.

For every project, we conduct on-site safety checks and weekly safety meetings to address concerns and to make sure all personnel are abiding by the appropriate policies and procedures.

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Fully-Equipped to Exceed Expectations

In addition to superb client service, we pride ourselves on being a full-design signage company with the capability to take control of all your signage desires – from design to installation and beyond. We complete all of our business signs and projects with professionalism and finesse.

Quality Materials and Comprehensive Expertise

Our diligence ensures that the materials and processes we manage continually exceed client expectations. We keep abreast of the latest techniques, requirements, and technology, like LED electrical digital screens and display signs. And we routinely attend conventions and trade-shows for new or improved materials and techniques in the corporate signage industry.

We service many prominent clients who trust us to deliver the best outcomes for their projects. Karl Strauss, Yard House, Extra Space Storage, Walgreens, and Trader Joe’s. If these companies trust us to deliver, so can you.

We are more than just signs. Our signage fabrication and installation experts work closely with the team at Raider Painting to ensure the best quality placements and overall aesthetic. If adding signage, wayfinding, and new curb appeal to your business is part of a larger strategy to increase traffic and commerce, work with us to improve the appeal and finish of your premises as well. Between our two teams, we have comprehensive expertise to cover all of your needs.

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Accreditations and Professional Memberships

In addition to attending national trade shows and conventions, we participate in multiple local and national professional organizations such as: the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD); the International Council of Shopping Centres (ISCS); Underwriters Laboratories (UL); California Sign Association (CSA); International Sign Association (IA); and the California Chamber of Commerce.

Professional and practical on-the-job training, and our participation in these organizations, translate into our team having the highest possible experience and knowledge of fabrication techniques, design, product usage and compatibility, installation standards, and quality assurance.

We are also very well-connected. In the off-chance that there is something you need that we cannot fulfill, we know where to turn.