a good attention or other custom sign from raider signage help business gain new or more customers

Effective signage entices people to stop where they might not have been planning to. While attracting new customers is a must for any business to grow, a well-crafted business sign also tells your customer who you are, what you do, and creates an all-important first impression.

When it comes to really grabbing people’s attention, a good sign can work wonders. From LED digital signage to monument signs, each sign should be designed with the goal of portraying the business in a clear and concise way so that passersby can easily absorb the information.


Make it simple:

Make your signage precise and to the point. Customers are in a hurry and don’t have time to stand and decipher your signage. Don’t clutter your sign by featuring unnecessary information, rather, rely only on the following details:

  • A recognizable image or company logo
  • Company name
  • Contact information
  • A catchy tagline for your business (if relevant)
  • Make your signage stand out by something like 3D graphics or a monument sign.

Common mistakes to avoid:

  • Letters that blend into the background
  • An information overload on a single sign
  • A worn out sign
  • An unattractive and poor design
  • Lack of clear branding
  • Misspelled words


Choosing a font and colour

Choose script that is easy for people to read over greater viewing distances or while they are driving by in a vehicle. When it comes to colour, it’s important to think how it can help convey your brand’s identity and impact how well the sign will attracts attention. Certain colour combinations can even become synonymous with a business, such as Coke’s white and red.


Contrast for readability

The contrast between the lettering and the background is critical to the viewer’s retention of the content. Pairing similar colors can decrease a sign’s readability. However, a weak color contrast can also be strengthened with a border or drop shadow around the lettering and graphics.

At Raider Signage we take charge to build your vision into a brilliant reality, so you can focus on building and sustaining momentum for your business. We do the hard work so you don’t have to, solving problems and providing innovative ways to make you locally visible – and we deliver, on time, on budget, and to expectation.


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