every business needs an open or custom sign to attract more customers

As long as there have been businesses, there’s been a need for signs. From swaying wooden plaques during the Middle Ages to the modest roadside signs of the 1920s, brands have relied on this ever-evolving form of advertising to attract customers.

Gas lit signs were dominant in the 1840s and effectively alerted the public to theater marquees and retail shops. Once the electric lamp was introduced, the United States pioneered them further and became known for elaborate night displays.

A sign serves many functions, including identifying what a business can offer and where consumers can find that business located. Whether the sign is meant for pedestrians or those driving, it’s ultimately meant to lead customers to your front door. Beyond that, signage is used to trigger a consumer’s impulse to make a purchase, which in turn allows a business to increase sales and revenue.

Not only are signs useful in relaying a message but they also hold incredible visual appeal. Through the creative use of color, light, and design, signs make a consumer’s experience more enjoyable. Signs can be used to enliven commercial areas, encouraging people to gather at dining, drinking or shopping locations (think of Times Square in New York or Granville Street in Vancouver).

The digital signage market was valued at 16.8 Billion in 2015 and is expected to reach 27.3 Billion by 2022. That means digital signage is generating more interest in various industries across the globe.

The innovations of signage throughout the years are major indicators of the adaptability of the industry. With trends pointing in the direction of more interactive technology, it’s easy to see how the industry will further grow.

Signage has always woven its way into the culture of the time. With all the changes and new technologies, one thing remains constant: signs are still an effective method of communication. There are now more options than ever.

Let us help you find the right sign for your business.

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