Welcome New Customers with State-of-the-Art Building Signage – Los Angeles, CA

Does your building need a face lift? With the most popular options in building signage, Los Angeles’s Raider Signage Company can help you design, plan, and install a stunning welcome sign for your business. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities for your buildings, and how our expert team of designers and contractors can work within your budget and your timeframe.

Popular Choices for Any Building or Business

From shopping malls to small businesses, no commercial property is complete without eye-catching building signage. Los Angeles shoppers are a discerning crowd, so keep ahead of the competition with attractive options from Raider Signage Company. We have expertise in a variety of popular options, including both indoor and outdoor signs, channel letters, and storefront or tenant signs. Custom crafted signage will enhance your building and capture the appeal of the services or products you provide.

LED signs are an excellent option for shopping centers and businesses alike. These energy-efficient signs are attractive, eye-catching, and easily customizable to suit your company’s needs. You can choose from static displays or a more dynamic sign that cycles through several screens or messages. With LED signs, you can promote sales, store hours, or offer warm greetings to potential customers.

Channel letters, our most popular option, can be a particularly bold statement for businesses looking to make a lasting impression. These individual letters are mounted on the outside of a building, and often lit using a variety of attention-grabbing techniques. At Raider Signage, we can discuss your brand image and how you’d like to use your building sign to convey that image to your customers. Together, we’ll create a unique design and lighting method to highlight your brand and inspire your customers.

The Custom Signs Los Angeles Has Been Waiting For

Undergoing construction can often get in the way of business. This distraction is a main concern of our sign company. Los Angeles businesses move at a fast pace, and we’re no different. Not only will we meet your deadline, but we’re often ahead of schedule, allowing you to get back to business with minimal distractions or inconveniences to your customers. Our contractors can work outside of your business hours, and ensure that the worksite is clean and well-organized at the start of your day. We’re no stranger to long days, so if there’s a time crunch, we can work hard to complete the project on time.

No matter what challenges come our way, we strive to stay within your budget and discover creative solutions for last minute problems or obstacles. With long-standing local connections and a wealth of experience in this field, clients can take comfort in our ability to provide the best results without sacrificing speed or efficiency.

Using the finest materials and the keen eye of our master designers, we can make your building sign pop and stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for first class building signage, Los Angeles’ very own Raider Signage Company can offer you attractive, customizable designs and enhance the appeal of your commercial building.