choosing the right commercial signs for your business is key

If branding is a reflection of your business identity, then signage is a quick way for passerby’s to assess whether they want to further engage or keep on going.

A sign is made up of many elements: size, color, fonts, structure, materials, and design. These contribute to a number of communication functions, such as building and reinforcing your brand, attracting new customers, creating impulse sales, and providing directions.

Before designing a sign, ask yourself:

  1. Who are your customers?
  2. How will your sign draw customers in?
  3. What do you want your sign to look like?
  4. How much will it cost?
  5. Are you competing with others in the area?

Here are five considerations when choosing a sign for your business:

Zoning restrictions

Most cities have by-laws governing the placement and installation of retail signs, such as size limitations or prohibiting signs that are illuminated. Be sure you know what permits you need before you start and that you get the necessary approvals.

First impression

There is no shortage of competition vying for attention, which is why a sign should match its surroundings, but still stand out enough to get noticed. Look around and get an idea of the “feel” of a neighborhood. Is it in a modern area or do heritage buildings surround you? Cater to your audience accordingly.

Keep it simple

Too much information may confuse or disorient people. Instead, offer just enough information to bring potential customers through the door, like your brand name, what you offer, your street address, and logo.

Colour scheme

Most people will look at your sign in passing, which is another reason why keeping your message noticeable and readable is so important. While sizing and placement are both important, the color scheme of your signage is another factor that creates a definite impression. The right sign will draw in customers while accurately reflecting the tone of the business. Your messaging and color scheme should be congruent.

Focus on your needs

A sign is an investment that you want to last for years and be relatively low-maintenance. Think specifically about what your business offers and what material or style would suit your situation.

Will your business be operating at night and benefit from an LED sign? Do you want an interior acrylic sign that can be backlit? Are you looking for an outside sign that will swing at the entrance of your beachfront resort? The longevity and upkeep of your sign will depend on the quality of the materials used, its exposure to the elements, the type of lighting, and how often you need to change the information.

Consider your location

Is your business located in an area with heavy vehicle or pedestrian traffic? If your front door is difficult to get to, you can place a sign at a busier location nearby to direct people your way. Signs can also be used inside your business to let people know where they can find a new product or alert them to specials.

Commercial Signs Los Angeles

At the end of the day, your sign says a lot about your business. Make sure your message is understood, and use a professional sign company like Raider Signage

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