Retro No More

Save money with LED digital signs that use technology from neon signage

For more than a decade, LED technology has made digital signs the most economical way to light up your brand. And things just got better …

Nowadays, you can save even more money on your energy costs for digital signage using technology once reserved for the throwback neon sign.

Digital Signs Get Rewired

Illuminated LED signs typically use an electrical technology that was first intended for other uses besides sign lighting, especially to illuminate small electronic devices and for remote control.

While this kind of lighting source does offer the clearest displays and most energy savings of all electrical signs, typical LED signs need a constant current to maintain even and uninterrupted visual display.

Not so anymore. For example, sign manufacturer Ventex is now using series-wired mechanism once reserved for neon signage as a light source for digital displays. Ventex engineers created this smart technology, called Venbrite, to cut heat – by 50 degrees – and energy consumption.

The Brightest, Most Efficient LED Signs

Venbrite is the first-in-industry LED system with the highest lumen per watt output with only one powered component per module. The constant-current system can illuminate up to 8 inches wide with one module.

In addition to saving energy costs, the Venbrite system also reduces production costs. The system is simplified from the Class 2 designs, not requiring constant voltage. And because the power supplies can be mounted at a distance – up to 175 feet from the signs – with standard wire, the system is easily accessible.

Our Partnership, Your Advantage

Raider Signage is proud to partner with Ventex for your LED digital display needs. We recognize the value of this amazing technology and will help you determine if it is right for your signage needs. In addition, we manage the manufacturing schedule and ensure proper installation of your digital signs.

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