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Innovative Sign Lighting Techniques & LED Signs

The first electric lamp was invented in 1809 by Humphry Davy. Seventy years later, Thomas Edison invented a carbon filament that burned for forty hours, which he placed in a classic-shaped bulb.

We’ve come a long way since those initial inventions, with many of today’s signage producers and designers experimenting with innovative illumination ideas, particularly LED. This continues to present new options for businesses looking to take their signage lighting to the next level.

When it comes to signage illumination, LED modules can be placed in smaller and/or tighter environments than ever before. Single LED modules are capable of a greater degree of illumination coverage – a development that has permitted the use of LED lighting in structures that previously required other types of illumination. LED also lasts longer than fluorescent lighting and is, therefore, more environmentally friendly – great news for businesses that continue to look for opportunities to “go green.”

Another interesting lighting practice is to vary the halo color among differing letters in the sign. Many reverse lit letter sets are illuminated with a single color. However, the specification of a second halo color can increase a sign’s capacity to generate attention.

Signage techniques have more branding value than ever by offering a unique way to entice potential customers. A consumer who cannot remember the name of a business might instead recall the attention-grabbing lighting. They may then ask a friend, “Do you know that place that has that really cool sign?”

New LED has increased the longevity of illumination as well as where the lighting can be used. Both innovative use of existing illumination technology (such as window signs) and the placement of additional lighting colors into a letter set can result in a compelling sign illumination plan. Effective and creative signage configurations will continue to shape the future of digital signage.

With that in mind, rebranding is becoming a central business strategy for many industries. Wendy’s alone has spent over a half billion dollars to renovate its company-owned restaurants with a large part of that going to signs and graphics. From airlines to banks, competitive pressures have made rebranding a necessity as the digital signage industry changes at a rapid rate.

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