green led signage can saves businesses more energy and cost

LED Digital Signage

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to go green, LED digital signage has some great benefits – and not just for your business. It’s not often that environmental awareness and generating profits for a business are associated. However, with the progression of LED-based lighting, companies have the opportunity to slash greenhouse-gas emissions without compromising their finances.

With a LED sign, businesses can say a whole lot more about what they stand for. Because the green movement is so important, by adding the green LED signs to your business, it’s an opportunity to attract customers who are looking to become patrons of businesses that take environmental issues seriously.

1. Longevity

With LED digital signage, businesses needn’t be concerned about proper disposal because the lights can be recycled. The LED signs will last for about 100,000 hours before they need replacement (five times longer than their nearest competitors) – which means recycling is infrequent. This longevity means two things in particular: you aren’t going to waste money on new signs and you aren’t going to be filling up a landfill with more waste.

2. Less energy use

LED digital signs use up to four times less energy than the traditional neon signs, which is an even bigger benefit to the green movement and helps to save your business money.

3. Install and forget about it

Want to place your sign in a tough to reach spot? This all ties back to the advantage of having lights that use less energy. Once in place, it will be years before your LED sign will need to be changed. The longevity of LED digital signage can save businesses thousands of dollars in maintenance costs and operating costs from reduced electricity usage.

4. Go green and reduce greenhouse gases

The reduction in energy use isn’t just for convenience purposes. There is another major benefactor: the environment.

Here is a simple explanation:

“Since less electricity must be produced, less coal must be burned in coal-fired power plants to supply that electricity. This means that as less electricity is used, less coal is burned, and therefore less carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas), sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, and mercury are emitted to the environment.”

5. The brightest, most efficient LED signs

Venbrite is the first-in-industry LED system with the highest lumen per watt output with only one powered component per module. The constant-current system can illuminate up to 8 inches wide with one module.

In addition to saving energy costs, the Venbrite system also reduces production costs. The system is simplified from the Class 2 designs, not requiring constant voltage. And because the power supplies can be mounted at a distance – up to 175 feet from the signs – with standard wire, the system is easily accessible.

Installation of LEDs leads to less pollution and a lower carbon footprint. Considering how much LED signs last, how little maintenance they need, and the positive impact they have on the environment, it’s easy to see why LEDs have huge benefits for both the environment and your business.

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