side road monument signs capture and highlights your business

It only takes a second to make a first impression. The quality of your monument sign can convey the quality of your business to a customer, leaving them free to make any assumption they want, based on that first introduction.

We probably see hundreds of monument signs every day, on office buildings, schools, and shopping centres. The best thing about this type of signage is that they can target all demographics, as potential customers will be driving by your sign multiple times a week.

Here are some tips to ensure your sign is helping to make a positive, lasting impression.

Create a common look

Is your business recognizable by its colour scheme? A business sign should be an extension of the most identifiable aspect of your business. Try to keep it consistent so that passer-bys can easily identify that the sign leads to the business. What about materials to make the sign possible? Brick, stone, stucco, and foam replicas are common materials for monument signs because of their versatility. Your monument sign should match the architecture of your building with both material and design.

Get creative!

Don’t be afraid to get creative and show off what makes your business stand out. Use your monument sign to reveal the best your business has to offer. All types of businesses, from real estate offices to yoga studios can benefit from using a creative and artistic monument sign that conveys their message. Sometimes just being memorable is enough to attract a customer through the door.

Light it up with LED

Not only are they long lasting and bring awareness to a business, but using illumination in your signage is attention grabbing during the day and night. Because these signs are not stagnant, you can convey multiple messages on a single LED display signs with several rotating messages. This gives you the flexibility to promote specials and change your advertising strategies without a costly overhaul. LED signs also last much longer than fluorescent signage, so you don’t have to worry about replacing dimming lights or dealing with a partially lit sign.

Make sure you’re easy to locate

This might seem like a no-brainer – but it’s important. The primary purpose of a monument sign is to direct customers to your business. If you do not have a sign that is easy to see, it becomes a pointless form of advertising.

Customers are faced with a myriad of options every day. By following these steps to optimize your monument sign, you will help nudge them towards choosing your business over others in the area. When it comes to a perfectly placed monument signs – it doesn’t matter the age, profession, or gender of people passing by – it will reach all demographics equally. Your monument sign is any potential customer’s first impression of your business – make sure it’s a good one.

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