Attract New Business with Custom Crafted Monument Signs

Los Angeles, CA

Turn heads with high-quality, custom designed monument signs. Los Angeles is a fast paced city, but these roadside ground signs will advertise your business to both drivers and pedestrians alike. No matter how far away from the road, your business is sure to catch your customers’ eyes and draw in business all year round. Contact Raider Signage Company today for more information on how monument signs can improve your brand’s visibility.


Design a Sign to Match Your Unique Business


Monument Sign Los Angeles With these versatile displays, you control how your sign looks: from its size to its design to the materials we use to construct it. As a general rule, monument signs are no taller than 10 feet, and generally wider than they are tall. But within these boundaries, the possibilities are endless. Popular choices include your company’s logo and its address, but you always have the option to get creative.


Choose a unique shape for your sign, or pair stone and faux wood for a natural look for your monument sign. Los Angeles stores, restaurants, and businesses can each benefit from our wide variety of design elements. At Raider Signage Company, we have in-house master designers who can work with you to choose a design that matches your business’s unique brand. We use only the finest materials, so you can be certain that once your design is finalized, it will last you for years to come.


The Monument Signs Los Angeles ExpectsMonument Sign-Karl Strauss Brewery


Designing your sign is the first step of this exciting process. Next comes the construction and installation itself. Our crews are accustomed to working within tight deadlines, so whether you’re looking to get you sign up before the holiday rush or you’ve had a last minute change of plans, we can provide fast, reliable construction. You can depend on our reputation as a courteous, and customer service oriented sign company. Los Angeles shoppers in your place of business won’t be disrupted by busy construction sites or unreasonable delays. Rather, we’ll work within your timeframe and within your budget.


If it’s time to update your existing sign or add a new feature to your budding business, a monument sign can be a great way to bring in new customers and direct existing customers. These attractive signs are perfect for businesses that sit far away from the road, as well as those located in busy shopping districts. Raider Signage can work with you to create a monument sign Los Angeles shoppers will stop and admire.