Walgreens and Trader Joes

Evergreen is a fully-diversified real estate company specializing in retail, multi-family residences, commercial enterprises, and property management. Like Raider Signage, Evergreen has earned a superior reputation by delivering exceptional client service and magnificent results.


Raider Signage designed and completed a custom pylon sign for the Walgreens and Trader Joe’s location in Glendale, CA. Raider overcame challenges involving the city and the installation location in the course of the project, not unheard-of with outdoor signs.

Accelerated Timeline:
  • After completing the plans for a custom pylon sign that matched the architecture and color scheme of the building, the city ordered Raider to change all of the colors to a basic grey, putting the project three weeks behind schedule for the store opening. The situation demanded a new design and increased efficiency to the production – all while maintaining quality for the client.
  • As the deadline approached, Raider secured both the city and the client’s approval. However, a setback with the location of the sign also made the pre-approved installation location especially demanding on the schedule.
  • On a walkthrough with the client Raider saw that the pre-approved sign location for installation would not work. Four existing trees with extensive root systems obstructed any chance for a secure footing.
  •  Raider changed the sign location, but the second location presented its own set of challenges. The sign had to fit between a sidewalk and a retaining wall, yielding only 1 ½ ” of clearance. Because of the narrow space, additional spotters were required during the digging to make sure either structure was not disrupted.
  • Walgreens also changed the layout of the panel during installation, requiring last-minute changes.
  • Crews worked 24 hours per day for a week straight to meet the deadline, and Raider Signage completed the project ahead of schedule.

Despite multiple challenges per design and installation, Raider completed a stunning sign on time and on budget. The unique challenges of this project incurred additional costs during design and installation, but Raider Signage worked with the client to ensure compliance with the requested budget.

Because Raider was able to execute a gorgeous design under pressure, Evergreen now enlists the sign company’s help at all of its location for outdoor signs.

I was at the site on Monday and the Walgreens & Trader Joe’s signs look great! I’ve passed your information on to my colleagues for upcoming work. We hope we can work with you again soon!

K.H. | Director of Development, Evergreen Development