Our Process

Our Process

Follow these steps to success

Get your process started with Raider Signage. From initial consultation and design through permitting, installation, and inspection – we’ve got you covered. We are the signage experts, and we have over thirty five years experience providing innovative installations to American businesses.

Initial Consultation

We start by establishing your needs

Our consultation process is easy. Just start by getting in touch, tell us about your expectations, and provide some detail about your location and schedule.

We’ll meet with you to discuss your needs, and help you to clarify your vision for the end result. This conversation will usually involve a site inspection, and scope and materials discussion, to help us provide you an accurate estimate.

  • Onsite Inspection

    We carry out onsite inspections to help determine optimal placement of signage, mounting options,  assess visibility and wayfinding, and to gauge the extent of any challenges presented by your premises.

  • Scope and Materials

    Getting your project from conception to completion takes great design and a lot of experience. We help you to choose the best materials and sign types for your budget, and plan how to achieve this in the best time possible.

Proposal Delivery

We make sure you know what you're getting

Once we’ve completed the site inspection and talked with you about what kind of materials and final aesthetic we’re going for, we’ll present you with a proposal containing the costs, estimated timeline, and key contacts for your project. This is your opportunity to review the terms and scope of the work and let us know if anything needs changing. We’re happy to make changes so the signs we create meet both your vision and your budget.

We want to make sure you know what you’re getting, and are happy with it, before it’s literally carved in stone.

  • Changes in Scope

    We’re always happy to remove, modify, and add work based on your changing needs, but we need a place to start. This is covered in the scope of the project proposal. This is the baseline, or the yardstick for success — the agreed-upon milestones we have to hit to call the work done.

    If your needs change before the project begins, let us know so we can update the scope to reflect what we’re both responsible for. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Changes in Budget

    Changes in scope almost always mean a change in budget. Changes in budget can also come from other places. Perhaps your business circumstances change between when we meet with you and when you receive the proposal. If this happens, we can work with you to alter the scope of work and materials to provide a solution that still meets your needs while providing your business greater exposure and visibility. At the end of the day, your success is as important to us as the success of the project.

Project Execution

How we get it done

Once you’re happy with our proposal, and you’ve signed off on the scope, we assign the right personnel and equipment for the job.

We coordinate fabrication, delivery, and installation of all signs using the pre-approved schedule established during the initial consultation.

  • Project Management

    Our team of contractors provides quality assurance, adheres to all manufacturer warranties, and adjusts our schedule to accommodate challenges. Our experienced project managers oversee site surveying, can help facilitate permits and engineering, and coordinate with design and fabrication. We conduct routine safety checks and stay in contact with you through the project to confirm your complete satisfaction.

  • Project Inspections and Completion

    We are happy to receive your input throughout the process, so we can adjust to meet your expectations. When we finish all work and any required inspections, we’ll meet with you to make sure we have exceeded your expectations from installation to wrap-up. This is when you’ll have a chance to see how it looks, and make sure we’ve lived up to our proposed results. Your satisfaction is our success!