Custom Signs are literally works of professional art. Unlike other types of signs, architectural or hand painted signs give you complete flexibility of design and offer virtually limitless options.

Use custom signs to:

  • Blend the sign seamlessly into a façade or the side of a building
  • Advertise your product in a still-life rendering
  • Create a 3-D likeness of your product or brand
  • Produce an interesting illusion
  • Add personality to your image

Tailored Architectural Signage

Lend polish to your company with a custom sign that looks like it is actually part of your building or storefront. Architectural signage can assist in your brand identification and wayfinding within your premises. This highly customizable signage can be made of acrylic, metal, stone, wood, whiteboards, digital signage, architectural films and finishes, and more; we can match materials to your needs.

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Three Dimensional Signs

Customized signage can also be made three-dimensional to represent an object in real life. This kind of sign truly captures the attention of patrons in an unexpected and unconventional way. Picture a giant illuminated ice cream cone at a Häagen-Dazs shop, or a larger-than-life smoothie cup bursting with colossal pieces of fruit at Jamba Juice in Universal City Walk.

Hand painted but Professional

Hand painted signs do not always have to look hand painted – at the hands of a master, hand-drawn typography can look laser-cut. Many companies just do not have the skill to guarantee perfect edging and seamless hues. Our artists are highly skilled and can produce hand painted signs or images to suit your specific needs with flawless precision.

Get Creativity with Skill

Thirty five years of crafting eye-catching designs has taught us that creativity and professionalism go a long way to getting your business noticed. Whether you want architectural signage, or a customized look for your business, Raider has you covered.

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