A picture says a thousand words, but a moving picture says a billion. LED signs are a force-multiplier; they’re fantastically illuminated, can incorporate moving graphics and videos, and capture and hold the imagination of passersby – sometimes for minutes. Meet LED digital signage.

Unlike the subpar resolution of television, static and dynamic LED signs enlist light-emitting arrays of diodes “LED” to illuminate as well as to display. All this means great resolution and brightness, bringing heightened visual engagement to your signage.

Cost Efficiency

Digital signage is one of the most effective and eye-catching communications tools on the market. LED digital signs are also more cost-effective for many companies. That’s because they use less electricity and because the actual LED sign hardware does not have to be replaced when messages change. If they are connected to a computer, the information and multimedia can change, accommodating new themes, at any time to suit your specific business needs.

Many companies overlook the power and flexibility of digital technology, using it as merely an electronic poster board and failing to make use of its amazing interactive capabilities. Signage content can be replaced, deleted or updated at the click of a mouse. In addition, content can be triggered to play upon certain conditions being met.


Gone are the days of cathode-ray resolution. Digital signage has become the most popular kind of electrical sign, and they continue to grow in all fields, from retail, to healthcare, corporate, hospitality and financial markets. Their vibrant colors and superb resolutions deliver unprecedented displays. The enthusiasm surrounding this new advertising medium is electric!

The worldwide sales of digital signs will reach $23.76 billion by 2020 from $14.63 billion today, according to a study conducted by research firm Markets and Markets. Here at Raider Signage, LED signs account for 85 percent of all electrical signs sold.

The Dynamic LED Sign

Because they can change and be controlled remotely, a dynamic digital sign has a distinct marketing advantage: They can speak to a particular customer or group of customers on demand.

  • With a dynamic LED sign you can:
  • Direct customers to different places within a retail store;
  • Change menu items displayed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner;
  • Show several slides containing different messages;
  • Highlight specific deliverables;
  • Coordinate a sign with the visual theme in the surrounding environment;
  • Increase the time potential customers remain in one area;
  • Provide the illusion of decreased wait times in line thanks to visual appeal.

Recent Developments

In recent years, advancements in LED and digital signage technology gives customers improved quality and greater versatility. Clients can now request the incorporation of event listings, news feeds, weather data, social media updates and map graphics, just to name a few.

Raider has Cutting-Edge LED Sign Solutions

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