Does your business stand away from the road? Customers complaining you’re difficult to find? No problem. Detached from your business, this sign is visible from the road to both drivers and pedestrians. Large facilities, like shopping malls or retail centers, require multiple monument signs spread throughout their premises to supplement their branding.

A monument, or ground sign, is a detached or freestanding sign that advertises your business. It emphasizes your identity and provides street presence.

Design Elements

The monument sign is one of the most common types of signs. You see them everywhere – malls, restaurants, professional offices, and the headquarters of major corporations. Regardless of where they’re placed, they have unique features that set them apart; they stand on their own, are fixed to the ground, and are generally no more than 10 feet tall. They’re usually wider than they are tall and incorporate high-end materials like fine woods, chrome steel, and lighting elements that help them to make a strong, bold statement.

Paramount Transportation Monument

Freestanding signs offer a unique flexibility in appearance. The design of your monument sign can significantly boost your brand’s image.

A light-box, or other form of illumination, is a must for businesses that require a nighttime presence. Need to advertise a promotion or ensure your customers are updated with your latest announcements? The addition of an energy efficient LED message board can further enhance the value of your monument sign.

Custom monument signs can provide an enhanced visual effect for businesses that want to stand apart from their competition or provide a highly customizable branding experience within their facility. The options for customization are vast and truly only limited to budget, the constraints of a facility’s master sign plan and local city ordinances.

Ground your Business with Raider Monument Signs

We know monument signs – shopping centers, service providers, and some of the biggest names in the restaurant business have come to rely on our expertise to set their wayfinding. Our signs are beautiful, functional landmarks that the community learn to navigate by. We let our work speak for us, and would love to talk to you about an estimate.