Here are Raider Signage, we offer full service signage solutions. We are adept at handling every aspect of your project including master sign plans, engineering, permits and more. These services support and heighten your overall marketing and signage strategies, improving project results and resulting in a better overall aesthetic.

Master Sign Plans

Whether you’re launching a new commercial center, mall, business tower, or balanced retail and residential development, we can help you to design, develop, and manage a complete master plan for the interior and exterior signage. These master plans layout the guidebook for business wayfinding, signage locations and visibility, and signage standards development for future expansion.

Site Surveying of Indoor, Outdoor Signage

The foundation of each signage masterpiece is an accurate and complete site survey. Apart from being a practical requirement for the installation of all indoor or outdoor signage, site surveying also determines any environmental variables which may impact the sign’s message.

Site Surveying a Building

For building signs, surveyors begin by taking photographs and measurements. We can then take a picture and import the building into our drawings. This allows us to render designs to scale, allowing the client to have a clear and accurate picture of what the sign will look like once it is installed.

Site Surveying Other Outdoor Signs

For other outdoor signage, surveyors examine the set back from the property line. This includes accounting for soil conditions; electrical variables, encroaching utilities, competing businesses, etc.

Once we have established the general location with the local utility, we survey daytime and nighttime conditions and traffic patterns to determine the best location of installation and accessibility.

Some things we consider include the following:

  • Will the sign undergo environmental damage at the location?
  • How will shadows affect colors and graphics
  • From what distance will most people see the sign?

Permits & Engineering – We make is easy!

Do permits and regulations make you queasy?

Relax: If your project requires a permit, we can secure that for you. Our team of contractors understands city ordinances and the documents that municipalities might require for certain locations of wood, digital, and metal signs. We can step in to procure all necessary permits, meet with inspectors, and ensure the final sign-off from the city.

Raider also has vast experience in city variance hearings. Our relationships with city officials nationwide enable us to streamline the permit-procurement process. Case in point: When Lowe’s Home Improvement moved to the West Coast, we worked with the architect, civil engineer, and city planner to accommodate both the city and the client.


Quality – fast. At Raider, we pride ourselves on a fast turnaround and professional, compelling signage masterworks. All of our in-house designs consider all the factors necessary to ensure a profitable end result. These factors include:

  • Colors, branding, typography and graphics
  • Materials, size and installation requirements
  • Placement and zoning

The Importance of Good Design

It’s intuitive: Good branding can be an “it factor” for any business, and we know the signs we create for you reflect on that brand. We make sure the messages and images your customers see enhance your image. Among other things, our designs can:

  • Fit into any color scheme
  • Meet any design need for metal signs, aluminum signs, or signs of other materials
  • Complement any construction
  • Accommodate varied construction and other trade schedules

Call us before you start!

If you’re considering a new signage plan, or in the early stages of ideation and budgeting, get in touch with us for our ancillary consultative services. One of our signage experts will be happy to listen to the scope of the project, meet with you to provide a detailed proposal, and alert you of any potential pitfalls to your current plan – before you start.