Your storefront is more than just wood, stucco, or brick: it’s a chance to tell customers what they can find inside – an awesome product or service!

Building and wall signs fall into multiple categories. Raider does them all, from illuminated exterior signs, to interior storefront signs.

Channel Letters

A popular choice in wall signage, channel letters – individual fabricated letters and logos mounted on a building or structure – make a hard-hitting statement to storefront interior and exteriors. They are very popular due to their clean, modern appearance and versatility.


Channel letters can be backlit or otherwise illuminated, or simply stand on their own as a bold statement. The various types of illumination each highlights your brand differently:

  • Uplighting illuminates the face of channel letters as well as the surrounding sign and environment.
  • Downlighting casts light evenly on the face of lettering to increase readability, but also reduces light pollution and glare.
  • Backlighting creates a glow or halo-illumination around letters by using a lower intensity of external light shining from behind.
  • Internal lighting – comes from within and shines through the surface of the letters. This is very bright unless a darker background is used for lighter-colored channel letters.

Depending on the application or desired effect, there are multiple types of channel letters to suit your specific business branding campaign:

  • Face illuminated
    • The most common type of illuminated letters usually consists of an aluminum cabinet in the shape of the letter, with energy efficient LED internal illumination and a plastic face. These letters are well suited to applications that require maximum visibility.
  • Rear illuminated
    • Also referred to as Halo (or Reverse) channel letters, they have an opaque face and clear back to reflect light on to the wall creating an outline, or halo effect. This creates a subtler lighting effect that is well suited for professional and interior applications.
  • Dual illuminated
    • A combination of Face and Rear illuminated channel letters where both the face and back of the letter illuminate, creating an interesting effect. They are very popular choices in the entertainment and retail sectors.Letters (7.1)
  • Pan non-illuminated
    • These are standard channel letters without illumination and usually consist of an aluminum cabinet in the shape of a letter with a plastic face. They are a good option for any business whose hours of operation are during daylight hours and do not require visibility at night.
  • Acrylic Formed
    • Commonly called “Gemini” letters, they are a light weight and durable alternative to steel cut letters. These solid, laser-cut acrylic letters provide a high-quality look, with precise, polished edges and are commonly used inside building foyers or office entrances to display company names and logos. They are available in a variety of colors and generally range from 1/8” – 1” thick.
  • Flat Cut Out
    • FCO letters are typically routed out of acrylic, PVC, stainless steel, aluminum, steel or wood. The letters are expertly cut with precision and generally range from about 1/8” – 2” thick. They can be customized to your exact specifications.


Raider’s Designs Deliver

A stunning, effective building or wall sign relies on professional design only provided by experts in the signage industry. At Raider, all of our designs are done in-house by our master designers. Designs are only limited by local ordinances or your facility’s signage rules and regulations called a Master Sign Plan.

Get It All Done at Raider

We know the business and what it takes to get our client’s notice. We design, build, and install both all types of channel letters and other corporate signage. We can also remove old signs, and repaint or repair walls where old signs have been removed or replaced. Contact us today to schedule an estimate!